Hand Mirror Paddle

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  • Hand Mirror Paddle. Prices start at $23 and change based on wood type. Please see the full product description for pricing.
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Each paddle hand made by Whipping Wood’s artisan is made from the highest quality domestic and imported hardwoods. All of our paddles are handmade custom works of art.

The Hand Mirror Paddle can be made from any of the woods we offer.



Length from handle to tip: 12″
Length from side to side: 4″
Thickness at the thickest point: 0.75″



Please see the chart below for the pricing of each wood type.


Thin Thick Thin Thick
Oak n/a 25 Paduak n/a 30
Ash n/a 23 Sapele n/a 30
Hickory n/a 25 Wenge n/a 45
Maple n/a 27 Zebra Wood n/a 35
Walnut n/a 30 Cumaru n/a 35
Bubinga n/a 35 Ipe n/a 30
Spanish Cedar n/a 31 Ipanema n/a 30
Iroko n/a 30 Purple Heart n/a 40
Jatoba n/a 30 Leopard Wood n/a 35
Mahogany n/a 35 Tiger Wood n/a 35



— Like each tree in the forest is different, so is every item made from that tree. This is the beauty of a handmade piece and hopefully part of why you are here. Because no two paddles are exactly the same, please understand there may be slights size variations from the listed sized. However, we will ensure that there is less than a 1/4″ variance from any listed dimension.

— All items sold at Whipping Wood are sold as NOVELTIES ONLY. The ownership of Whipping Wood takes no responsibility for injury or any other complications that may arise from use of any of the items listed on this website. Descriptions and visual references are for conversation only and not meant in any way to imply any suggested use of said novelty items.

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